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DDeep in time by Piglets DDeep Forest

Dear listener and ardent fan of perfect rock music, let's talk today about how dreams can become reality and about artists who, through music, bring science to the world. What? You might ask, and you'd be absolutely right because it's not often in the music industry that you encounter talented musicians with their own passion for science and boundless creative energy, which, when combined, create an absolutely perfect sound. I proudly present to you the musicians and scientist Monika Paluch-Ferszt, Adam "Multi" Paluch, Kamil Roloff and Sławek "Sowa" Puchała from the group Piglets DDeep Forest and their album 'DDeep in time'.

For over 20 years, musician and founder of the band Adam "Multi" Paluch cherished the dream to turn everything into sound and fully immerse himself in music. After such a long pause, the desire to dedicate oneself to music prevailed, and Piglets DDeep Forest gained new strength and their distinctive powerful, deep, and heavy rock sound. I was enchanted and amazed by the album's concept. Within the voluminous and incredibly warm rock sound, Piglets DDeep Forest takes the listener through interesting scientific questions, ranging from the tiniest particles in a nuclear reactor to the boundless depths of space with its mysteries. All lyrics were written by Ph.D. Monika Paluch-Ferszt, a scientist from the University of Warsaw (Poland), so it's bound to be incredibly intriguing! But let's take it step by step, dear friend. 

The album starts with the track 'Intro,' and immediately, Monika's deep and stirring vocals break apart into multiple tracks, drowning in echoes. The guitar creates an intriguing and voluminous tone that instantly captivates with its immense sound. And so begins the adventure of the main character, A Little Quark of Energy! I love the warmth and kindness in the sound right from the first track, as if it's inviting everyone to join this adventure with A Little Quark of Energy, to meet Piglet, and not be afraid of anything new. The way science is presented in the album is genuinely enlightening and fascinating. In the second track, 'Nuclear Startup,' we delve into the mysteries of a nuclear reactor, and the stunning and powerful heavy guitars ignite a rush of adrenaline, sending shivers down the spine with the unhurried sound, complemented by light and stirring vocals. It feels like plunging into the depths of something unexplored and dangerous yet simultaneously captivating and alluring. This duality is sustained by the perfect rock groove arrangements and the angelic soprano of the singer. In the track 'More Nuclear Fuel,' amidst the slow rhythm, perfect harmonies, and the fusion of guitars, following the Monika's voice, we learn about the nuclear fuel necessary for the process of nuclear fission. I really like how the track 'Nuclear Fission Process' starts with an uneasy sound, the atmosphere ignites like a fire, engulfing everything with an unstoppable nuclear force, which only Monica's magical and dreamy performance can contain.

Amidst the chaos, she holds the fragile world in her hands like a sorceress. It's incredible! I like how in 'I Need a Moderator,' while telling the listener about the possibilities of moderating or regulating a nuclear reaction, the melody slows down and then adopts a more controlled sound. The vocals become firmer and stronger, as if strength and power emerged in every chord and every note. Non-hurriedly and selflessly sounds 'My Energy Transformation,' with a powerful and heavy chorus that tells about the structure of a nuclear power plant. You can feel a bit of warmth and coziness by playing 'I'll Keep You Warm.' Piglets DDeep Forest have created a space where music with a gentle rustling in the sound creates a calming atmosphere, and the hypnotic voice of the singer fills everything around with palpable warmth. It's a very striking move that allows you to catch your breath and look at the world around you with a renewed perspective and a new experience gifted by the beginning of the album 'DDeep in time.' The album concludes with an adventure into the infinite cosmos. Piglets DDeep Forest unveil the secrets of the Universe in the tracks 'My Journey Into Space' and 'Dark Quark Of Space.' By adding a light flicker, gentle synth, and almost ambient sound to the music, there's a sensation of floating in weightlessness. Simply close your eyes, listen to the track 'My Journey Into Space,' breathe, and listen, and you'll feel it. 

Having acquainted himself with the secrets of the Universe, in the track 'Dark Quark Of Space,' the main character's adventure takes his curiosity far away from the world he knows. Will he uncover new mysteries of science and the universe? Will he encounter inexplicable laws of physics? I'm certain we'll find out in the group's upcoming releases. The final track 'Prosiaczek - Bonus' aligns with the group's name and makes each of the Piglets DDeep Forest dear friends who poured their souls into 'DDeep in time,' which became a genuine revelation for me. Oh, what an astounding adventure it was.

So, Monika Paluch-Ferszt! Your lyrics in the album are incredible. You know, as I was listening, the topics that seemed difficult and distant to me started making sense. And I  felt complete unity with the sound and meaning. Oh, I am conquered! Piglets DDeep Forest, you've done an incredible job! Every track breathes, sounds incredibly and astonishingly mixed. I feel like in your album 'DDeep in time,' there is a soul, bright and beautiful, that leaves a mark in the mind and heart. I am thrilled and would love to hear more of such fiery, powerful, and perfect sound from you! Will you have a concert? I would love to listen to you live :)

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